Weddings/Civil Partnership Booking Conditions and Hire Rates Undercroft

Deal Town Council

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Weddings and Civil Partnerships at the Town Hall


The Town Hall, with its sweeping spiral staircase, oak paneled room steeped in history and the charming outside Undercroft which can be decorated in the style you wish to create a wonderful location for memorable photographs, makes the Town Hall the perfect choice for your Wedding or Civil Partnership.
All bookings are dealt with by the Event Co-Ordinator Joanne Harper who will treat your enquiry on a friendly personal basis. For further information, to discuss, view or book any of the rooms please
telephone 01304 361999 or email joanne.harper@deal.gov.uk
Booking guidance:

Wedding Booking form Town Hall: Form.doc   hire charges and conditions:  Hire charges.doc
Deal Town Council Wedding/Civil Partnership Charges:
Wedding Ceremony/Civil Partnership - 100
(This includes one hour before the ceremony plus one hour for the ceremony).

Useful Contacts:
Deal Town Council                                                         The Registrar Officer
Town Hall                                                                       Aberdeen House
High Street                                                                     68 Ellington Road
Deal                                                                               Ramsgate
Kent                                                                               Kent
CT14 6TR                                                                       CT11 9ST
Tel: 01304 361999                                                           Tel: 01843 258602
deal.town.council@deal.gov.uk.                          Email thanet.register-office@kent.gov.uk
                                                                                       Website: http://www.akentishceremony.com/
Information to note:

The marriageable age in the UK is 16 with the consent of parents but 18 otherwise. Marriage must be between two people of opposite-sex neither of whom is in a Civil Partnership or separate marriage
Civil Partnerships:
Same sex couples must not be married or already have a civil partner. Parental consent is needed if between the ages of 16 and 18 years.