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Heritage Weekend at the Town Hall
Saturday 9 September 10am - 4pm
Sunday 10 September 1pm-4pm

'Happy Birthday Mrs Elizabeth Carter!

This year’s event at the Town Hall will focus on the 300th anniversary of the birth, in Deal, of Elizabeth Carter who was a scholar, poet, classicist, writer and translator, and a member of the Bluestocking Circle.

There will be the “Deal’s Learned Daughter” exhibition by genealogist Pat Smith, historic publications by Elizabeth Carter including a personal copy of her own publication of her later poems, a project by the pupils of Goodwin Academy including animation and a site-specific tableau of found material film and text by artist, Colin Priest.

Original letters of Elizabeth Carter that have been recently restored along with the picture book that holds them and oak frame will be on view.

There will also be a detailed exhibition on a selection of past Mayors of Deal by the Deal Branch of the Kent Family History Society, with regalia and artefacts on display.

Event Opening Times:
Saturday 9 September: 1000-1600 and Sunday 10 September: 1300-1600