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Meet the Team 

Deal Town Council Staff 




Town Clerk

Mrs Lorna Crow

T: 01304 361999
E: town.clerk@deal.gov.uk

Responsible Finance Officer/
Deputy Town Clerk

Mr Paul Bone

T: 01304 361999
E: paul.bone@deal.gov.uk

Events Manager

Miss Joanne Harper

T: 01304 361999 
E: joanne.harper@deal.gov.uk

Planning Clerk/Finance Assistant Mrs Kelly Lawrence

T:01304 361999                                                    E: deal.town.council@deal.gov.uk

Mayor's Secretary

Mrs Una Finch 

T: 01304 361999

Premises Officer/
Saturday Market Officer

Mr Andrew Kononowicz

T: 01304 361999
E: andrew.kononowicz@deal.gov.uk

Wednesday and Friday Market Officer/Allotment OfficerMrs Heather McAdam
T: 01304 361999

Town Sergeant

Mr Barry Finch

T: 01304 361999
E: themayor@deal.gov.uk

Deputy Town SergeantMr Chris Hobbs-East
T: 01304 361999

 Visitor Information
Centre Officer/Receptionist

Mrs Cathy Whitnall
Sue Morbey

T: 01304 369576
E: info@deal.gov.uk