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Schedule of Meetings

Meetings are held in the Town Council Chamber or Committee room at the Town Hall,
below are the current meeting dates.  Full Council and Finance & General Purposes Committee do not meet in August and December. 

 All meetings are at the Town Hall, 7.15pm, unless otherwise stated.

Please click on the following link for the 2017/18 meeting schedule: Click here 

2016 - 2017 Full Council Finance & General Purposes Planning
Jun Mon 27th Tues 21st Wed 8th
July Tues 19th Mon 11th Wed 6th
Aug - - Wed 3rd
Sep Tues 20th Mon 12th Tues 6th
Oct Tues 18th Mon 10th Wed 5th
Nov Tues 22nd Mon 14th Wed 2nd
Dec - - Wed 7th
Jan Tues 31st Mon 9th Wed 4th
Feb Tues 21st Mon 13th Wed 8th
Mar Tues 21st Mon 13th Wed 8th
Apr Fri 21st*
*Annual Town Meeting

Wed 26th
Mon 10th Wed 5th
May Mon 22nd*
*Annual Meeting of the Council incl Chairman's Election
Mon 8th Wed 3rd