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Restoring the Town Hall back to its former glory!
(see photo below)

Members of the public were invited to the full council meeting on 29 September to see a presentation on the proposal to have gates installed around the Undercroft; this was widely advertised on the council’s website and in the local paper East Kent Mercury.

This meeting received a lot of positive comments for the proposal and council unanimously agreed to apply for planning permission to have the gates installed. 

The application is to install four gates that would all fully open at the front and the side of the Town Hall, taking care not to limit disabled access.  The gates would be open during the day and at weekends when the buses are running so the benches are still accessible and only closed at night when the Town Hall is not in use which will stop the antisocial behaviour and damage that has occurred to the Undercroft.

Due to regular incidents of people defecating and urinating in the Undercroft during the night the town council are paying £6240 annually to ensure that the Undercroft is cleaned by a company trained in removing human waste so that the area is a suitable venue to hold markets in, and for the public to visit.

The proposed gates will cost up to £15,000 and will bring the Town Hall back to its former glory when gates were originally in place, it will also mean that planters can be installed and the area made a much more pleasant space to sit on the benches.

Deal Town Council’s planning committee will be discussing the planning application (DOV/16/01255 and DOV/16/01254) for the erection of railings and gates at their meeting on 7 December, this meeting is open to the public.

Please see below a photograph of the Town hall in the 1900s.