Annual Grants


1. There will be two categories of Annual Grant:

Small Grants – awards up to £500

Large Grants – awards from £501 to £1000.

2. The total Annual Grants fund available is £10,000.

3. A minimum of 50% of the Annual Grant fund will be awarded as Small Grants.

4. Three rounds of Annual Grant funding have been agreed for the year 2020-21

Round 1: applications must be received by 5p.m. on

Friday 4th September 2020

Round 2: applications must be received by 5p.m. on

Thursday 31st December 2020

Round 3: (Small Grants only - awards up to £500)

Friday 26th February 2021 (for consideration in March).

5. Annual Grants awarded should be spent within twelve months of payment.


1. For Grants of up to £500 use the Small Grants Application Form and for Grants between £501 and £1,000 use the Annual Grants Application Form.

2. Applications will be considered by the Grants Sub-Committee. Members will score applications according to the score sheets in Appendix 1c.

Annual Grant Application form 2020-2021 - Please click here to download

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