Frequently Asked Questions


Is the market staying like this forever? No, Deal Town Council has implemented the changes in line with government COVID 19 guidelines. Deal Town Council has sole responsibility whilst the market is open to look after anyone who attends. When the crisis is over all COVID restrictions will be removed.

Why are the restrictions required if the market is in the open air? The government COVID 19 guidance puts markets in the same category as shops. Therefore, Deal Town Council must follow these guidelines.

Why is there one-way system? This is to help the public adhere to the social distancing guidelines that are in place across the whole country.

Why is there “security” on the gates? Deal Town Council employs marshals to help aid with social distancing and to discourage gatherings of people not in the same household or “bubble”. Our marshals are trained and licensed.

Why is has the market got fewer stalls than before? Before lockdown we were averaging 15 stalls a week. We are currently running at 35 stalls.

Are you trying to make the market fail as you get more money from car parking? Deal Town Council gets no income from parking. Dover District Council is in charge of the car parks in Deal. Deal Town Council rents the space and gives a percentage of any profit made from the market to Dover District Council.

Is the market moving to the high street? No this has never been discussed by Deal Town Council.

Why is the sea front so busy and yet the market is restricted? Dover District Council oversees the High Street and the seafront. Deal Town Council works closely with Dover District Council to help ensure the safety of all Deal residents and visitors, but it cannot control what happens on the sea front.

Why is there no atmosphere any more at the market? It may be that the way people shop has changed due to the pandemic. Over time hopefully this will change. Deal Town Council will be looking into ways to improve the market’s appeal and overall atmosphere once we are back to normal.

When will it return to the way things were? Nobody knows the answer to this. Our priority right now is to make the market as safe as possible, within Government guidelines, and to encourage as many people as possible to shop at our excellent selection of stalls.

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