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Deal Town Council votes unanimously to close the High Street to traffic.

 But for a very specific period, in a very specific area, for a very specific reason

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Deal Town Council Press Release – Thursday 30th July 2020

Astor Theatre

At the town council meeting on 28 July the council discussed the COVID-19 emergency, social distancing, the grants programme for 20/21 and work to tackle the climate change emergency. They also welcomed the petition on saving the Astor Theatre and discussed how to respond to the approach from Mr Tillitt for funding.

Councillors were pleased to approve a whole new round of emergency funding for local charities and other organisations. They raised the standard grant threshold to £5,000 for this year, to reflect the severe need some organisations may be experiencing.

They also discussed Mr Tillitt's letter, the accompanying petition from Astor Theatre supporters and other financial evidence provided. All councillors agreed that the Astor Theatre was an asset to the community providing a rich and varied menu of events and activities. They acknowledged that the success of the Theatre was due to the huge contribution from Mr Tillitt, his staff and volunteers.

Councillors noted that Mr Tillitt had failed to submit a grant application for the first Emergency Grant fund in the mistaken belief that he would be unable to apply for further funding from the council.

The decisions at the meeting regarding the Astor Theatre were;

1) That the council will do what they can to promote the Save the Astor fundraising efforts by encouraging local people to donate to the fund.

2) that the council will invite the Astor Arts Community Trust to apply to the Deal Town Council's Grants Programme 2020-21.

3) the council will invite the Directors of Deal Arts Management CIC and the trustees of the Deal Arts Community Trust to meet with council representatives to discuss ways of working together, for the benefit of the community.

Deal Mayor, Councillor Eileen Rowbotham said “Deal Town Council is proud of its record of supporting the Astor Theatre as a vibrant part of cultural life and as a vital community asset in our town. The Astor has rightly received national, international recognition and sympathy. However, we must follow the protocols and financial regulations when dealing with public money. We are keen to work collaboratively with the Astor management and I look forward to this meeting."