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Committees & Outside Bodies

Membership of Committee's and Outside Bodies; 

Deal Town Council Committee Membership
May 2019 - April 2020

Finance & General Purpose Committee

Chairman: Cllr D Cronk
Vice Chairman: Cllr S Beer
Cllr B Bano, Cllr T Bond, Cllr S Carlyle, Cllr M Eddy, Cllr L Kettlewell,

Cllr T Thompson,    Cllr C Turner

Planning Committee

Chairman: Cllr C Turner
Vice Chairman: Cllr S Carlyle
Cllr A Friend,  Cllr M Eddy

Co-opted Members: R Green (Deal Society), E Fogarty, C Hartley 

Transport & Infrastructure Committee

Chairman: Cllr B Bano
Vice Chairman: Cllr L Kettlewell

Cllr D Cronk, Cllr M Eddy,Cllr O Richardson, Cllr T Thompson

Co-opted Members: A Stroud, P Inch, D Murphy, I Killbery 


Regeneration Advisory Committee

Chairman: Cllr S Beer
Vice Chairman: Cllr T Thompson

Cllr S Carlyle, Cllr D Cronk,

Cllr L Kettlewell, 

Co-opted Members: P Inch, I Killbery 

Grants Sub-Committee

Chairman: Cllr S Carlyle
Vice Chairman: Cllr C Turner

Cllr S Beer, Cllr C Oliver,

Cllr O Richardson

Staff Liaison Panel

Chairman: Cllr S Beer
Vice Chairman: Cllr L Kettlewell

Town Clerk,Cllr A Farrington,

Cllr O Richardson

Cycle Friendly Deal Project Management Group

Town Clerk, RFO, Cllr S Beer,

Cllr D Cronk,  Cllr C Oliver

Cycle Friendly Deal Project Steering Group

Town Clerk, RFO in liaison with Regeneration Advisory Committee

Climate and Environmental Emergency Task and Finish Advisory Committee

Chairman: Cllr C Oliver,  Cllr K Kettlewell,

Cllr T Thompson, Cllr B Bano,

 Cllr T Bond 


Deal Town Council
Representatives to Outside Bodies 2019/

Outside Bodies


Deal/St Omer Twinning Association

 Cllr A Friend, Cllr C Turner

Dover District Cycle Forum

 Cllr D Cronk

North Deal Community Partnership

 Cllr S Carlyle

Chamber of Trade Liaison

 Cllr E Rowbotham

Deal Festival of Music and the Arts

 Cllr S Carlyle

White Cliffs Country Tourism Association

 Cllr L Kettlewell

Dover Joint Transportation Board

 Cllr B Bano
 Reserve: Cllr L Kettlewell

Deal and Walmer Neighbourhood Forum

 Cllr C Turner

Deal Memorial Bandstand Trust

 Cllr E Rowbotham

Astor Theatre Liaison

 Cllr S Carlyle

Deal Centre for the Retired Liaison Committee (Age UK)

 Cllr T Bond

Citizens Advice Bureau

 Cllr S Beer

Deal With It

 Cllr T Thompson

Deal Town Fairtrade Network Cllr E Rowbotham, Cllr A Friend 
KALC Area Committee Meetings  Cllr E Rowbotham, Cllr D Cronk 
Southeastern Railway Stakeholder Meetings Cllr B Bano
Reserve: Cllr L Kettlewell 
Coastal Community Fund Meetings Cllr S Beer, Cllr D Cronk 
Confederation of the Cinque Ports Promotion Working Group Cllr E Rowbotham 
Speaking Up Group Cllr A Farrington
East Kent Network of Sanctuary Cllr C Oliver, Cllr T Thompson 
East Kent Climate Action
 Cllr T Thompson