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DEAL TOWN COUNCIL’S GRANT POLICY: Deal Town Council will award grants to local organisations and committee groups to further the aim of Deal Town Council to create a thriving town in which to live, work and visit.

Deal Town Council’s Grants Programme 2020-21 will have three grant streams:

1 Annual Grants (Large Grants and Small Grants)

Grants may be for one off events, short term activities, for equipment, unexpected repairs and maintenance or similar costs. Requests for routine, anticipated costs will not be considered.

NB Deal Town Council is keen to ensure that smaller local groups benefit from this grant stream, so at least 50% of the total fund will be allocated to Small Grants.

2. Special Projects Grants

The Special Projects Fund is a themed grant stream, which has been set up so that the council’s aim becomes more explicit both to local organisations and to the community. The Special Projects theme for 2020-21 is Emergency and Recovery:

Organisations who have been hit by extra or unexpected costs as a result of the COVID emergency and its aftermath can ask for Special Projects support. Grants are not likely to be awarded simply for replacement of lost income but help with actual or upcoming costs which are hard to meet because of lost income will be considered.

3. Community Contributions

Community Contributions is a grant stream intended to provide ongoing financial support to local organisations which contribute in a significant way to the community of Deal. Grants may cover core costs as well as project costs.

Please refer to the menu opposite for further information on the streams.