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Transport & Infrastructure Committee

Agendas are available 4 days prior to the meeting. If you would like a hard copy please call into reception during office opening hours or contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Mr Paul Bone Crow(email: paul.bone@deal.gov.uk).

Agendas are listed below, please note that the draft minutes of the previous meeting are included in the next meeting agenda for ratification.

Wednesday 19th June 2018                                   Agenda

 Wednesday 20 June 2018                                     Agenda & Attachments 1-5
                                                                                     Attachment 6

Monday 3 September 2018                                    Agenda  

 Tuesday 16 October 2018                                      Agenda

Monday 26 November 2018                                  Agenda 

 Monday 21 January 2019                                      Agenda

Monday 18 March 2019                                          Agenda