Air Pollution

Deal Town Council is committed to tackling air pollution.

Air pollution is a cunning opponent to tackle – it’s invisible. The air pollution you can see is bad, but the pollution that really harms us is not only invisible but odourless too. And it really kills. Air pollution is responsible for seven million early deaths every year – that’s tens of thousands of people across the UK dying from breathing our air. That’s the point really, we can’t avoid the air pollution that’s there because we can’t stop breathing.

Whilst we can’t see air pollution, we know what causes it. To help us all tackle air pollution, the Environment Committee has linked up Deal Town Council with Global Action Plan's Clean Air Hub and also become an Official Supporter of Clean Air Day, which this year will be on Thursday 17 June.

At the moment, Environment Committee members are using a personal air quality monitor to measure pollution levels in our streets. Gathering this evidence is important in tackling air pollution at a hyper-local level.

Local Primary Schools are taking part in a "No Idling" Poster Design Competition. There's more information about the competition here

 Below are links to more information about Air Pollution and ideas on what we can all do to improve our air.