Committee climate action

Deal Town Council has created a Committee Carbon Emission check list, allowing committees to make recommendations in line with the climate strategy.

It is a guide to show the environmental impact of decisions, illustrating that it has been taken into consideration every step of the way - building best practice to ensure everything is viewed through the prism of climate action.

The process asks for each decision to consider the long lasting positive impact, short term or limited positive impact, no known impact, short term or limited negative impact and long term negative impact of our actions.

Twelve areas of impact are considered. They are; air quality, materials economy, climate change adaption, land use, biodiversity, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, renewables, sea health, chemical and plastic pollution, awareness, cost to the council and community & culture.

From May 2023 memos that go before Council to give a clear visual guide, showing the impact of our decisions.


Above is an example about the decision to improve water harvesting on our allotments.


The checklists can be seen on agenda items containing decisions - search the Committees and Meetings section of our website.