The History of Deal Town Hall

Deal Town Council is honoured to be in the glorious Georgian Deal Town Hall in the High Street at the heart of the Conservation Area.

With it's Undercroft, spiral staircase to the high ceilinged oak paneled Chamber and portraits of the great and the good, this historic building originates from a booming time in Deal's story.

To discover more of the Town Hall's rich heritage please follow the links.


Deal - a rich history 

There was a time, post World War 2, when Deal Borough Council, the forerunner of today's Town Council, was keen to demolish Deal's history and create a brave new concrete world where we all moved around in cars. This happened in some towns and cities. But not Deal. Thanks to The Deal Protection Society, with the help of well-known and distinguished supporters, the local and national press, along with a large number of residents, Deal was saved. The furore concentrated minds wonderfully: buildings were listed and in the late 1960s Middle Street was designated the first conservation area in Kent. Today we all, including Deal Town Council, appreciate the real value of our heritage and The Deal Protection Society still exists as The Deal Society. Our history echoes through our town in so many ways and we are lucky to have a number of history groups that are able to shed light on our heritage.

The Town Hall Art Collection


History Groups

Addelam History Research Group

The purpose of the group is original research and publication of a wide range of material about the local area. This research is based on contemporary primary sources such as tithe maps and newspaper archives.

The Deal Society

The Deal Society campaigns to conserve the character of the town. Every town faces changes which may be positive or negative so Deal Society monitors those changes to work for positive outcomes. 


The Kent Family History Society

Organises interesting talks every month and offers free help with Kent & UK Family Research on two Saturdays each month. 

The History Project

History walks, talks, presentations, experiences, films, blogs... The History Project is inspiring people of all ages, educating people from all backgrounds and entertaining people the world over.