Outside Bodies

Councillor Representation to Outside Bodies 2023/24

Deal/St Omer Twinning Association
Mayor, Cllr Oliver Richardson
Deputy Mayor, Cllr Adrian Friend

Dover District Cycle Forum
Cllr Les Craggs

North Deal Community Partnership
Cllr S Beer

Chamber of Trade liaison
Cllr M Walters

Deal Music and Arts Ltd
Cllr D Cronk

White Cliffs Country Tourism Association
Cllr M Eddy

Dover Joint Transport Advisory Committee
Primary: Cllr M Walters
Reserve: Cllr B Bano

Deal Memorial Bandstand Trust

Astor Theatre liaison
Cllr L Craggs
Responsible Finance Officer

Deal With It
Primary: Cllr S Beer
Reserve: Cllr S Cullen

Deal Town Fairtrade Network
Cllr M Cronk
Cllr P Findley

KALC area committee meetings
Cllr B Bano
Cllr O Richardson

White Cliffs Community Rail Partnership &
Southeastern railway stakeholder meetings

Cllr M Walters
Cllr B Bano

Deal Speaking Up Group
Cllr B Bano

East Kent Network of Sanctuary
Cllr S Brookfield

East Kent Climate Action
Cllr S Beer
Cllr S Cullen

Deal Area Refugee Aid (D.A.R.A.)
Cllr B Bano

Deal History Museum
Cllr D Cronk