Deal Home Kitchen

We’re celebrating great green culinary expertise, asking local restaurants, cafes, caterers and pubs to share a tasty veggie or vegan recipe we can all cook at home.

Swapping out meat or dairy once a week has a positive impact on climate change and Deal Home Kitchen provides you with tasty alternative recipes that celebrates and is supported by local culinary expertise!

The Deal Home Kitchen menu went live during #GreatBigGreenWeek in June and the theme for 2024 is ‘let’s swap together for good’, asking people to make every day swaps to help create a better tomorrow.

Going meat free for one day a week for a year sees more than 430 miles of greenhouse gases avoided through animal agriculture, saving the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases as driving from London to Edinburgh*

If you have a tasty veggie or vegan recipe you’d like to share please email our Climate Change Officer, Nadine Miller at or call her on 07388 059833.

*Meat Free Monday explores positive climate action through diet change and offers an online calculator to explain the impact you can make: