Statement from the Mayor of Deal

Published: 06 January 2021

This latest lockdown is regrettable but necessary. With the increase in infection rates, complicated by a highly contagious new variant, the decision to close schools except for the children of key workers and those who are most vulnerable is to be welcomed.

Staying at home and self-isolating where possible is going to be important if we want to reduce infection within our community.

It will not be easy. Many families, especially those with child care responsibilities will find the weeks ahead difficult. However, it is vitally important to protect the resources of the NHS by reducing hospital admissions.

As a community, we should be looking to support all vulnerable including our children and young people. For this reason, Deal Town Council (DTC) have set up a Covid Resilience Forum to assist local agencies in identifying gaps.

Deal Town Council has set aside funding to deal with problems associated with the pandemic including any successive lockdowns.

It has been identified that not all children in the Dover and Deal area have access to: Tablets, Laptops or the Internet. Without these resources, children will not be able to benefit from online learning and will fall behind. This must not be allowed to happen, as it could impact on children’s lives not just now but in the years ahead. This problem of the Digital Divide must be addressed as a priority.

It is imperative that the vaccine programme be better organized with teachers and non-teaching staff a priority for the vaccine.

As Mayor, I will be urging Deal TC to make representations to local CCG about the worrying absence of vaccination delivery in Deal & Dover District.