COP 26 Mayor of Deal

Published: 27 October 2021

Current Major Concerns

 Two topics seem to be dominating our conversations and thoughts at the moment. We are approaching the time for a major conference on the climate emergency – COP26. We are also still in the grip of a pandemic that at the moment shows no signs of weakening.

COP26 is important because the context for the conference is the latest IPCC Climate Change 2021 Report – which is a very sobering read. Once again, it feels as though we are at an important crossroads, and the right choice of direction cannot be delayed any longer.

Apart from following the outcomes of the conference in the news media, we should also start the process of reviewing what we as a Town Council have committed to do as part of our response to the declaration of a climate emergency.

In other words, can we do more? And will COP26 inspire and encourage us all to do more? As individuals, we need leadership from nations across the globe, so that we feel that our individual efforts are not in vain.

Alongside the climate emergency is the pandemic. I write this the day after the Health Secretary’s press conference (20 October) in which he urged us to be vaccinated and to accept the invitation to receive a booster injection.

 On both issues – climate emergency and Covid – there is a role for strong leadership and for leaders setting an example.

As Mayor and Chair of the Council, I want to be able to say, when asked, that Deal Town Council is playing its part in keeping people safe. Some of the decisions we have made have not been popular. For some we are too cautious; for others, we do the right thing by erring on the side of caution.

 But we have always put the safety of the people of Deal first. I would urge everyone to take care of yourself and others. As someone who caught Covid, I would not wish it on anyone.

Cllr Chris Turner

October 2021

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