More High Speed Trains for Deal

Published: 08 December 2021

Deal Town Council welcomes more High Speed train services

The next Southeastern Trains timetable revision on 12 December will see Off-Peak High Speed services re-introduced to Deal.

Hourly services from 09:31 until 14:31 will operate between Deal and St Pancras via Dover Priory – these services will start from Ramsgate. Additionally, there will be Off-Peak High Speed services between St Pancras and Ramsgate via Deal again hourly between 09:37 and 13:37.

So, morning & early afternoon there is an hourly direct service up & down, and late afternoons and evenings it’s an indirect service with a change at Ashford.

High Speed Train leaving Deal StationThis is a partial re-introduction of High Speed services via Dover and it does not include direct High Speed services from Deal to St Pancras via Ramsgate.

It’s a step in the right direction, it is an improvement, but it is nowhere near the reinstatement of the full High Speed service that Deal, Sandwich and Walmer had before the pandemic.

Cllr Chris Turner, The Mayor of Deal, said “This is good news, tinged with disappointment. We all want our full High Speed service back. We are as far away from the rest of the country as you can get and HS1 not only connected us to Kent and London but to the rest of the country and the continent. Ten years after our late former Councillor, Ian Killbery, shouted his rallying cry “a full direct high speed service all day and all week”, we will continue to shout it loud and clear at Southeastern and Kent County Council.”