What gift would you give to Deal?

Published: 21 December 2021

If you could give a gift to Deal, what would it be?

That is what Deal Town Council is asking all the residents of Deal at the moment through the Town Plan Survey.

The third key question in the Town Plan Survey is “what could be done to make Deal even better? This is your opportunity to suggest a gift for Deal. So far people have suggested a wide range of things including:

  • More greenery
  • Park & Ride
  • More cycle lanes
  • Better youth facilities
  • Affordable housing
  • Cinema
  • More pedestrian friendly
  • More High-Speed trains
  • Better buses
Mayor and Mayoress in front of Christmas TreeNow it’s not within the gift of the Town Council to do all these things, but from all the ideas, a long list will be made and split into what the Town Council can deliver and what other bodies like Dover District Council or Kent County Council can be encouraged to do. To the suggestion of make Deal “warmer in winter”, that unfortunately may be coming a reality.

The other two key questions in the survey are “What do you like about Deal” and “What do you not like about Deal?”

The aim of the survey is to provide the evidence to produce a medium-term, 3 to 5 year, Town Plan. This will create a series actions that the Council can actively pursue, whether on its own or with partners such as Dover District Council or Kent County Council.

The Town Plan Survey can be found on the Council’s website at www.deal.gov.uk and every home should have received a copy of the survey leaflet containing these three questions from the Royal Mail.

The Mayor of Deal, Cllr Chris Turner said, “As we approach Christmas, a time for giving, please give Deal Town Council a few minutes of your time to answer these three questions and suggest a gift for Deal.”