The Christ Church Deal Christmas Bus route

Published: 08 December 2022

Posted on behalf of Christ Church, Deal

Approximate timings and outline of routes.  (Routes can change due to circumstances on the day, likewise timings may be flexible due to traffic and weather conditions.)

 Saturday 10th December

 Trip no 1:

(1545 - 17:00)

Start at Thornbridge Road, Mill Hill (top part only), St.Richard’s Road,  St. Francis Close, St.Edmunds Close, Mongeham Road, St.Martin’s Road, Rectory Road, Brenchley Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Cavell Square, Davis Avenue,Mill Hill (middle part), Freeman’s way, Telegraph Road, back to the top to junction with Thornbridge Road to finish.

Trip no 2:

(17:15 - 18:30)

Start at the beginning of Orchard Avenue, Birdwood Avenue, Grantham Avenue, Church Lane,Hancock’s Field, Cornfields, Fox Road, Huyton Drive, Swift Crescent, Hunter’s Walk, Church Lane, William Pitt Avenue, Dola Avenue, Middle Deal Road back to start of Orchard Avenue to finish.

Trip no 3:

(18:45 - 20:00)

Start at the junction of Albert Road and Court March Road, Albert Road, Western Road, West Street, Stanhope Road, High Street, College Road, Harold Road, Golf Road, Godwyn Road, Sandown Road, Canute Road, Ethelbert Road, Golf Road, Vlissingen Close, Courtenay Road, Links Road and back to the junction of Albert Road & Court Marsh Road via Golf Road/Western Road.

Sunday 11th December

Trip no 4:

(15:45 - 17:00)

Start at the Lay-by in Court Road, Station Road, Miller’s Road, Mongeham Way, Menzies Avenue, Reading Close, Court Road, St.Richard’s Road, Lydia Road, Astrid Road, Cross Road, St Richard’s Road, Walmer Way & Fairview Gardens, Top of Sydney Road & Hillcrest Gardens, Salisbury Road, Meryl Gardens and back to the lay-by in Court Road to finish. 

Trip no 5:

(17:15 – 18:30)

Start at the Hamilton Road/Stockdale Gardens/Telegraph Road junction side of the railway bridge, Hamilton Road, Mill Road (the top end), Manor Road, St.Leonard’s Road, Allenby Avenue, Mill Road, Park Avenue, London Road,  Beechwood Avenue, Victoria Park section of Mill Road, Blenheim Road, Gladstone Road, North Barrack Road, The Strand, Cornwall Road to the end at the junction with Gladstone Road Road to finish.

Trip no 6:

(18:45 – 19:45)

Start at Balfour Road, Churchill Avenue junction, Balfour Road, Palmerston Avenue, Downs Road, Owen Square, James Hall Gardens, Cornwall Road, Devon Avenue, Herschel Square, Herschell Road East, Dover Road, Warwick Road, Lord Warden Avenue, Granville Road back to the junction of Salisbury Road and Balfour Road to finish.