International Women's Day 2023

Published: 07 March 2023

Wednesday 8 March is International Women's Day and this year’s theme is Embracing Equity.

Here, Councillors Christine Oliver and Sue Beer reflect on the theme and share what it means to be a woman in local politics today.

Cllr Oliver said: “For me, 'embracing equity' means modelling for my daughters and other young women ways to challenge the institutions and structures that put limits on them.

“It means supporting and empowering them to break down the barriers that still exist, and to recognise the privilege they enjoy by virtue of their backgrounds and where we happen to live in the world.

“By acknowledging these things we can strive for equity for women and girls everywhere.”

Cllr Beer said: “I am a former community activist turned town councillor and I find it very rewarding to see changes come about as a result of my efforts.

“We need more community activists and especially women to stand for elected positions if we are to truly represent everybody in our community.

“It is great speaking out and taking action on whatever your passion is. But if you take a further step and become an elected member of a council you can use your skills and talents for even wider benefit. Why not take a look into it?.”

You can learn more about International Women’s Day here and more about becoming a local councillor here on the Dover District Council website and with Kent Association of Local Councils here.