Campaign continues to keep tip open

Published: 08 August 2023

The Town Council continues its campaign to keep both Richborough and Deal tip open.

In June the Mayor wrote a letter of objection to Kent County Council who were considering closing the nearby waste centre and reducing the hours of the site in Deal.

However, KCC changed proposed options for tip closures in the county and full closure of the town’s tip has been introduced.

At July’s Full Council, members voted again to strongly object to any closure or reduction in hours of both the Richborough and Deal waste centres.

The consultation on the proposed closures has been postponed but Deal Town Council is keeping pressure on KCC. Town Mayor, Cllr Oliver Richardson said: “Kent County Council has moved the goalposts yet again, delaying the consultation and causing even more concern.

“Initially it appeared we might lose the full facilities of Deal tip and the entire site at Richbrough, but now there is a possibility that all could be taken.

“This is being done as a cost-cutting measure but that simply cannot be the case. Any cuts to these vital services will see a surge in problems elsewhere, costing the taxpayer dearly and the environmental cost with no recycling available and an increase in fly-tipping is staggering.

“We have contacted KCC again, strongly urging them to re-think this shortsighted half measure and to look elsewhere to streamline and save.” Once details of the consultation are announced by KCC, they will be shared by Deal Town Council. All residents of Deal are encouraged to write to County Hall to express their opinions about the possible closures and respond to the consultation when it released.